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[opensuse] Re: Task & Resource Management (evolution? or NIH syndrome?)
Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-11-21 05:06, Anton Aylward wrote:

Yes, the potential is great,
And was already being exploited before Srv-d came on the scene.

including forcing the
cron.{daily,weekly...} tasks to use only one core of a multicore machine
leaving the other cores available for normal use.
Um,but those things have been around for years in various forms
as well as on windows. I **mostly** use affinity on Windows, to keep all
the system procs on 1 core competing with each other.

I haven't really needed that as much on my linux box as it has
more cores. I was also playing with devint affinity to see if I could get
better perf if I received and processed net data on 1 core (not enough core
to make for good test).

Another tool I use, rather than those, is "cpulimit". It forces the task
not to use more than a percent of the cpu, no matter how free the cpu is
or not. On a machine that is already running full time, it runs cooler.
Takes longer, so what? And if you need the cpu for other primary tasks,
you have it.[
That is one that will likely use more power.

If you force a task to idle when
nothing else needs the processor, then your process will start losing
it's cache to other procs the longer it stays idle.

That means the work will take longer and the cpu must remain in some
ACTIVE state for a longer period (thus losing benefits of deeper sleep
if the work was done sooner.

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