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Re: [opensuse] Read-only NTFS Disks?
Le 18/11/2014 22:52, Lew Wolfgang a écrit :

If I can get it to directly mount the whole disk as an
ISO filesystem I think I'd be home free.

not sure it will be read only :-(

what works (just tried): all this as root

copy (to have a file, dd with a good block size will do) an openSUSE live dvd to essai.ntfs


mkfs.ntfs -f -F essai.ntfs

creates an ntfs file system on the file.

mount -rw -o loop essai.ntfs test/

and copy an image to the /test, umount test

dd bs=4096 if=essai.iso of=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-General_USB_Flash_Disk_0520650000000772-0\:0 &

to an openSUSE flash disk (any disk is good, but this destroy the content!)

and windows 8 reads the image perfectly

but this is *not* read only

I'm not even sure than an udf file system will be read only (why should it be), not back to the start :-(

notice: if the data is small enough to be held in a 25Gb BD, you can burn the file essai.ntfs to the BD with cdrecord, and this one will be read only :-)

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