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Re: [opensuse] Firewall
Le 18/11/2014 19:44, Anton Aylward a écrit :

So yes, you could do it any number of ways, but don't expect the Netgear
to be as capable as a full Linux box.

yes and no :-)

this is the dhcp account of my internet box (freebox). You can see the *name* of some connected devices is included. I don't know how. I certainly never did this myself.

this don't mean you are wrong, this don't even mean this features are on the box itslef - the box is nothing more than a linux box tightly connected to a server (probably also linux box) at the other side of the wire, and I can't know what part do what task.

and, by the way, it don't looks like I can type a name in firefox to have the connection.

but this mean something on my linux box (openSUSE 13.1) did advertise the computer name at a moment or an other, and it's also possble for an iphone (bottom of the image, claire is my daughter that did not come home since september 20012 :-()

there is always some magic in network :-))


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