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Re: [opensuse] Konsole disappearing
On 2014-11-17 20:15, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 11/17/2014 01:28 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

Try with "--tabs-from-file". With -e you can run only one command.

I do it with gnome-terminal and xfce-terminal, but I have not tried with

That makes sense if I were to start it from a command line, I agree,
What I'm trying to figure is how to start each tab with a different
command WHEN I LOG IN and konsole starts automatically as part of my KDE
startup, along with things on other Vts like Thunderbird in #1 and
firefox is #2.

Well, with xfce-terminal, when I save the session, all those things are saved
and restarted automatically on next login.

I use this:


# xfce variant

xfce4-terminal \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/warn" --title="*
Warn *" \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/messages"
--title=messages \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/localmessages"
--title=localmessages \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/" \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/mail"
--title=mail \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/firewall"
--title=firewall \
--tab --command="/home/cer/bin/terminales_one /var/log/router"
--title=router \
--geometry=238x28 \

and "terminales_one" contains:


# To be used from "terminales"
# xfce variant

while true ; do tailf -1000 $1 ; sleep 5 ; done

which, as you can guess, it is just one terminal with several named tabs, each
running a different "tailf" command on a different log. But it maybe anything.

On gnome 2, I used this:

#gnome-terminal \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title="Uno" --command "bash"
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=mail --command "tailf
/var/log/mail" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=mail.debug --command "tailf
/var/log/mail.debug" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=messages --command "tailf
/var/log/messages" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=localmessages --command "tailf
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=warn --command "tailf
/var/log/warn" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=firewall --command "tailf
/var/log/firewall" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=router --command "tailf
/var/log/router" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=kernel --command "tailf
/var/log/kernel" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=xntpd --command "tailf
/var/log/ntp" \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=Dos \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=Tres \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=Cuatro \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=Cinco \
# --tab-with-profile=small --title=Seis \
# &

If I want to start it again, I just run "terminales" from alt-f2 prompt.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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