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Re: [opensuse] Konsole disappearing
Is there some problem that you can't do a pure 'reply to list"?

On 11/17/2014 05:09 PM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Anton Aylward
<opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 11/17/2014 03:42 PM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Anton Aylward

How do each of these methods turn out for you?

First, the die'ing of konsole has only happened twice that I can
remember in weeks of using 13.2 beta/RC/gold.

Hmm ... Beta .... Hmm...

The most recent occurrence was last Friday. I had been running Gold
for a week at least at that point.

I always start konsole via alt-f2 - manually type konsole. (I know,
menus are nice, but I rarely use them when I can just type instead.)

I never ... Ok .. Later.

I'm not in kindergarten, I get to decide if I use menus or not. :)

I'm deleting lot here since I only wanted to clarify what you meant.

I have simple needs. Mostly one VT with firefox / Konsole and
multiple virtual consoles 90% of the time.

LOL! My "simple needs" are everything is full screen.
That's why 1VT = 1application.

(Cue:Jackson Browne...)

The last time it happened, I think I had 2 konsole windows going and 4
or 5 konsole tabs. All of it went away in a single stroke when I
started firefox.

Now "2 console windows" could mean two INSTANCES of the program Konsole.
Or do you mean you had 2 VTs?

note: I said konsole, you said console. Not the same thing. konsole
is a KDE app. console implies X is not in use.


I entered alt-F2 and launched Konsole. Then from the file menu of
konsole I selected "New Window" once and "New Tab" a few times. I
think I had one konsole window with 4 tabs and one konsole window with
1 tab. I think that is all a SINGLE INSTANCE of konsole, but I don't

I don't know,
Let me experiment

Hmm KAZAM! New Window!
$ ps -fuanton|grep konsole

anton 2219 1 1 14:52 ? 00:02:54 kdeinit4: konsole
[kdeinit] -session 101e723a27519d00013287047
anton 4501 4468 0 17:28 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto konsole

Right. Only one running copy of the program.
Hmm. Firefox ...
Same there.

I wonder how many it takes to make the program crash?

All of that was on a single VT. I ran like that for hours as I was
writing some bash scripts. I think I did a hibernate and wake-up
cycle. I'm sure I started and killed firefox on the same VT a couple

Well, we know that there can be other problems with hobernate/wakeup cycles.

Was that kill as in KILL(1) (with prejudice) or shutdown?

Then one time when I only had the 2 Konsole windows open I started
firefox and both of my Konsole windows disappeared.

fyi: I have no idea why you think all this detail is helpful, but now you

Detail is always helpful.

What went away? I hope you mean you have 2 Vts with a single instance
of the Konsole program running set with 5 tabs.

No the VT was still there. The Konsole windows had disappeared, but
now I had Firefox running. I did look on the other VTs to see if I
somehow had just moved things around. No the Konsoles were gone.
Further, I looked in ps -ef output and the konsole program was not

Did you start the FF in the same VT?

Yes, just one VT used for everything X related. Virtual Consoles used
for pure text work.

Same as I do :-)
Except for KDE where its one VT per application.

So I'm wondering if this isn't a KDE problem rather than a Konsole
problem. I don't know the innards of KDE well enough to know how it
tracks child processes, and you've made it clear above that you started
and killed FF many times.

I've never felt comfortable running T'Bird and FF under KDE; they are
gnomic in nature rather Qt in nature.

Can you replicate any of this in the current - non beta - version?

To repeat, it last happened on Friday and I was running 13.2 gold.

Yes but is the kill-kill-kill-hibernate-kil-kill-kill your normal work

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