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[opensuse] Capitole du libre 2014

I could setup a boot for the "Capitole du Libre" in Toulouse

photographs here, follow the green :-). Taken at the very beginning, before most people come in, after I had no more time free :-)

It's probably the larger Free software fest other than Paris ones. I can't enough thank the organiser for the quality of the organisation. I followed it all over the year and it was a hudge work :-).

But it was very good, at least to the boot point of view.

The openSUSE boot was set in the "installation" room where most of the distros could be installed for you. The local group is nor ubuntu oriented, so it's me that had to do most of openSUSE installs, but I could also give a handfull of openSUSE dvd 64bits on usb key for the other installers (and I don't kinow if they used them, but they where appréciated).

Personnally, I could install 5 to 6 computer of all kind (all laptops), from good ones to very old ones, with minor problems (more on this below). Most of the time the install goes well, the main (non openSUSE) problem being to boot on USB, wich is sometime pretty tricky, involving to go to the bios to set an option usable only once (!).

But not everybody come with a computer, and I could spend much time explaining what is openSUSE and it what is it different from the other distribution. I specially insisted on the "ecosystem" openSUSE provide, both in logistic form (obs, openqa...) and in human friendlyness: membership, help system, board, special sponsor implication. Greg Freemyer was present part of the time (he had also speachs to do) and he could explain the board role.

Use of the boot kit.

On the boot kit, the most visible part was the table cover, very green :-), very visible. I had a lot of flyers, but in english and french people have a mixed feeling with english. So I also printed myself a french document.

I think we should have a french version of or doc and a german one (may be there is already one). German is oibvious, and french may be not so much for France, but FOSDEM is a great place for openSUSE and it's a french speaking place (Brussel).

About the gooddies, of course every kind of sticker is good, but mostly the small ones that stick on the keyboard or on the computer (laptop).

Of course usb keys are much appreciated, but as the cost is much more than dvd, it's not possible to distribute them widely. It's even necessary to hide them, because many geek become mad in front of them and I had some stolen even when only with close friends :-).

My politic about that was the following: I distribute a lot of them to the Capitole du Libre organisers. These one are not necessarily openSUSE addicts, but with the time they are more and more openSUSE friendly and they continue working for free software all the year... The one ai gave where usually empty ones (brand new).

Then I could give one with openSUSE 13.2 burned in to every people that went to have the computer installed, they went away with the very device I used to install they computer (and an invitation to come to the next meeting of my Linux User Group), but also to any people seeming interested by openSUSE to make them able to install openSUSE later.

You have to know that written bootable openSUSE usb keys are not that easy to use as random mass storage, specially from windows.

Given all this I still have some usb keyx provision for next meetings in my vicinity.

an other peice of goodie much appreciated is the beer underglass (don't know the exact name). I was not that pleased with the design (too complicated), but if it's cheap enough, have lot of them is good. only drawback is that they are quite heavy to have in a backpack.

I also find very usable the banners I have done already myself

look on the left.

This is pretty cheap (€25 approx 2 x 0.5 m wide)) and much reusable...

I would like to have better posters, specially ones with abstracts of openSUSE "who is" like the flyers and less cryptic drawings.

Something like a geecko, and a message "openSUSEn the friendly Linux" " openSUSE, linux for work and fun" would be enough and usable (what means a ligth bulb?)

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