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Re: [opensuse] gvfs (was: Really irritated)
On Sat, 2014-11-15 at 00:53 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
John M Andersen composed on 2014-11-14 19:41 (UTC-0800):

Well, I'd just like to know HOW it got installed, when no package has any
of those
packages as prerequisites, or recommends or anything. So packaging error
is my guess.

YaST Installation is when it was installed on my last fresh 13.2
installation, 2 weeks ago. Like most of my installations, I chose minimal X
Window for DE, then added selected packages and deleted selected things I
don't use in package selection details, before letting package installation

Grepping RpmDb in the original y2log, gvfs was installed immediately after
the kernel and immediately before device-mapper. After device-mapper followed
the xf86* packages, usbutils, libusb, libpcap1, libopenobex2, libmtp9, then
gvfs-fuse and gvfs-backend.

After installation, before installing any more packages, I set
solver.onlyRequires = true in zypp.conf, after which I installed KDE3, before
initial start of

/var/log/zypp/history does not contain gvfs.

To me these, plus what Carlos wrote about GLib, suggests gvfs is very likely
part of one of the foundational patterns.

On that installation, ~/.gvfs does not exist.
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If I recall correctly gvfs enables the ability to mount virtual
filesystems such as CD DVD or USB flash media. I do remember many
version ago having to install it manually to enable the ability to
mount .iso on the desktop to use as a virtual drive.

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