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Re: [opensuse] Really irritated
On 11/14/2014 09:55 AM, Bjarne Örn Hansen wrote:

Before you start reading this, I'd like to tell you that I am venting some
hot air here. So, don't
take it personally ... it's not meant in a personal manner.

I'd like to ask the good guys at OpenSUSE, who had the "bright idea", and I
am emphasizing the word
"bright idea", that an index on a development platform, with terabytes of
data and millions of
files, was a bright idea. That someone's development machine, could simply
be "shut down" for hours
or even days, while some meaningless baloo index is running, and finally
sending some data to a
remote ftp site, via something called "socon" on the computer?

After I got really pizzed at it, I did a simple "rm -f baloo*" to remove all
this crap. But some
"baloo_file_extractor" was still buzy and denied to be killed off hand. I
had to do a system
murder, with "reboot" to get this maggot off my machine ... fast. After
reboot, some "tracker-"
stuff replaced this baloo crap". But it was nowhere has hoggy as the baloo
stuff, so I let it be.

Running an index, on Unix, wasn't a bright idea 30 years ago ... and it
certainly hasn't gone up the
list of "bright ideas" since then. This Operating system, is file system
dependant ... meaning, you
can't so much as pee without the file system being asked permission. So when
something is hacking
on the file system, like an indexer ... it pretty much means, everything else
is dead in the meantime.

And what's worse ... I am running KDE, what is parcellite doing and gvfs?
Why are these gnome
daemons, running on my KDE desktop?

Bottom line is, indexing is something people should turn ON, and not
something I should be finding
myself in the position. That I am desperately trying to find a "kill"
button, to turn the bloody
thing off, just after it pretty much murdered my system.

An excellent unfiltered rant. Bravo.

I offer this as helpful information, not as a counter-rant.

You have control of baloo, by several means:
1) uninstall through Yast or zypper
2) go to Config Desktop, and add areas (partitions) that should be excluded
4) Uncheck the checkbox on that same page to turn indexing off all toghether
5) Less documented, but more powerful:
edit /home/[username]/.kde4/share/config/baloorc
and adjust settings to exclude file types and locations you don't want

I find Baloo works just fine, but I don't hang a "terabytes of data and
millions of files"
into my personal directory, which is indexed by DEFAULT in the normal setup. I
that kind of volume other partitions.

In fact, my development files and source code is on a separate partition, and
it was excluded from indexing.

And that I found was totally unacceptable, because when I need to change a
header file I rely
on the Baloo index to find me EVERY SINGLE MODULE that uses that file so I can
check it out
or re-compile. In fact I can find any reference to a data element throughout
my code
without running a "find" command that takes a week, simply by using Dolphin, or
the less
useful Alt-F2 search box.

So I added back my development partition into the things that have to be
It took only a few minutes ONCE. From then on every change gets indexed almost

In fact, I'm now thinking about adding the kernal source tree into the list of
directories that are indexed.

As for this thing called "socon" I have no idea what you are talking about, and
neither does google, so I suggest you might have gotten your rants crosswired

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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