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Re: [opensuse] Really irritated

After I got really pizzed at it, I did a simple "rm -f baloo*" to remove all this crap. But some "baloo_file_extractor" was still buzy and denied to be killed off hand. I had to do a system murder, with "reboot" to get this maggot off my machine ... fast. After reboot, some "tracker-" stuff replaced this baloo crap". But it was nowhere has hoggy as the baloo stuff, so I let it be.

Yeah, Baloo tried to kill my laptop a few days ago. I inserted this line


in this file


and it seems to keep Baloo off my files. Don' t recall if I killed the process or not, but I think it went to sleep in a good manner.

Running an index, on Unix, wasn't a bright idea 30 years ago ... and it certainly hasn't gone up the list of "bright ideas" since then. This Operating system, is file system dependant ... meaning, you can't so much as pee without the file system being asked permission. So when something is hacking on the file system, like an indexer ... it pretty much means, everything else is dead in the meantime.

Every new release it seems that some new bright developer team insists to force the happiness of file indexing upon us. I haven't the faintest as to why they think it's a wonderful idea.

Other than that, I'm a happy 13.2 user. It's snappy and prettier than ever.
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