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Re: [opensuse] Upgrading 13.1 > 13.2
James Knott composed on 2014-11-10 23:19 (UTC-0500):

It's Windows 7 and has 3 primary partitions. I created an extended
partition to hold /, /home and swap.

However, I just did an install, not upgrade to 13.2, so that I could get
the computer working for tomorrow. I can now boot into both Linux and
Windows, so I can now go to bed and to work tomorrow.


BTW, I noticed the boot menu screen looks different between the install
and upgrade versions,

If you had upgraded to 13.1 from 12.3, and to 12.3 from 12.2, almost
certainly you were using Grub Legacy, not Grub2. Those upgrades would not
have replaced Grub Legacy with Grub2 unless you took intentional steps to
have that done.

but that sda1 recovery partition is still listed.
I'd like to know how to remove that.

Edit /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober have Grub ignore it, then rebuild the Grub menu.

When I have time, I can try restoring that 13.1 system, if the problems
remain in 13.2.
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