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Re: [opensuse] Upgrading 13.1 > 13.2
On 11/10/2014 09:15 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
James Knott composed on 2014-11-10 21:02 (UTC-0500):

One other thing I can do is boot the system and am taken to a grub
rescue prompt. Can I do anything there? I've tried searching on the
Internet, but not found much.
What can be done via Grub's menu can be done at the Grub prompt.
should get you through the process, but note you don't need to know or type
more than vmlinuz and initrd, which are openSUSE's symlinks to whatever the
current kernel and initrd's versions are.

I actually found that earlier. It fails on this line:

"grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-29-generic root=/dev/sda1" with
Unknown command 'linux'.

I keep finding all sorts of things that are supposed to work, but fail
at one point or another.

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