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[opensuse] httpd won't go away

I was trying to debug an apache application and I NEED to see the output
from odperl to stderr which goes straight to the error logs.

I couldn't find the output anyway

So I'm trying to stop and start apache and when I do, apache won't start

A) It says the socket is taken in systemd jaargon
B) The logs are dlete...

I deleted the damn logs on purpose but it was right, there was a mystory
httpd process running after I killed the process.

So I tried to killall hhttpd
that just caused a regeneration

systemctl stop httpd.service

NOTHING - not even feedback

Pull the F***ing plug

Yeah that still works.

I'm sure there is some ration reason and calming answer to why when I'm
killing apache that systemd restarts it without my permision.

and there has to be some other calming nice reason why even through
systemctl, that it doesn't give any feedback or nor kill the httpd

for me, I'm moving to Jupiter 1. It is safer there.


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