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Re: [opensuse] Btrfs: Error Upon Installation
On 11/07/2014 08:00 AM, Sam M. wrote:

I installed btrfs over an EXT4 operating system partition (/),

What do you mean by that?

Did you reformat the partition?
BtrFS has the ability to read in and sort-of-convert an extFS into
itself. Is that what you did?

Was this part of a new installation from a distribution DVD?

got a strange error message. The options the dialogue box gave
pertaining to the error were Continue and Abort. I clicked Continue,
and then I got a lengthy error message about a problem creating
initrd. I clicked continue or ignore (I forget), and if I recall
correctly the installation finished. I think when I rebooted the
system, all I got was a black grub screen with a flashing cursor. Has
anyone else gotten this? I installed btrfs on another test laptop and
there were no problems. The drive I'm using has no bad sectors and
passes SMART, so I don't think it's that. Here is the error message:

I think your problem was you rebooted even though you had been told that
the rebuild of the initrd had failed. Given that I would not trust the

In such situation I would have either backed up /boot or told the build
process to rebuild one and only one initrd.

"Failure occured during the following action:
Formatting partition /dev/sda3 (20.00 GiB) with btrfs

Without more detail about at the error was you can only assume that the
partition is in an indeterminate and therefore unusable state.

One reason I use LVM is so that, in such circumstances, I can mirror a
partition before doing anything 'drastic', and lets face it, converting
a FS is non-trivial!

You don't say whether the 'test laptop' was similar process or a 'new

I don't think what you describe can be counted as a failure of BtrFS.
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