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Re: [opensuse] Btrfs.. Whats the difference
On 11/06/2014 07:54 AM, Rodney Baker wrote:

I installed a laptop with btrfs - I now have a B$)(*#$ Totally R%%ted file

When something that drastic happens to me - and it has a couple of time
in the 10.x and 11.x era - when everyone else seems to get by and do
successful installs, I question myself and my hardware and my
configuration rather than say the s/w is a pile of doggy do-do.

I found I'd made I mess of the bios with respect to the options at
install. I've also observed that installing on laptops is more prone to
weird things happening. I've also observed that the old, slow, small
disk systems from the Closet of Anxieties with old, simplistic BIOSes
and single core cpus, never seem to have any of these problems.
(even when I install BtrFS on them!)
Perhaps were getting too sophisticated for our own good?

Never again! / mounts as read-write but as soon as a user is logged
on it switches to RO mode, which means /var is now read-only and I cannot
install any updates because zypper won't work (nor will anything else that
relies on writing files to /var/tmp or /tmp, because they now exist on a read-
only file system.

Yes, that happens.
That happens even with ext3. I've had it happen when I've foolishly
installed / as ext3. I do have a ext3 partition that I mirror my real
/boot onto 'just in case'. My real /boot is on my LVM and I don't have
any problems with it. It is of course a ReiserFS.

Of course, btrfsck won't check / because it is mounted and can't be unmounted
to check it, even in single user mode!

Nothing new about that.
The reality is that the ramdisk system in your initrd used to do the
fsck before pivoting and mounting the real system. If you needed to do
a fsck on root manually you needed to use the CD's maintenance mode.

However as Joseph Woo points out there are other 'recovery' tools than fsck.
You might also, as he suggests, consult the wiki.
You might find
page mentions mounting in recovery mode.

Curses and naughty words! This will
mean a clean install once 13.2 has settled down for a month or so, back to
ext4 partitions. Forget btrfs. It isn't worth the hassle, yet.

I beg to differ.
I've been running a stable BtrFS as / for almost a year.
I've always had hassle with ext4. ALWAYS.
Which is why the stuff I mount under /home is all ReiserFS.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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