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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
Ruben Safir wrote:
that I don't necessarly agree with. The video part, that I agree with.
the complexity ... eh. the scripts that run sysV are masterworks
written by very advanced shell script authors. I know shell scripting.
It has taken years to learn shell scripting decently. I wish those
siystem start up scripts were written in perl. They are hard to
understand and they are intertwined with many system files which make
them further difficult to understand.

The /etc/init.d/* scripts are FAR more complicated than they need to be.

Look at their equivalents on an HP-US or Solaris system, and you'll
see how ridiculously simple they can be.

They're only the way they are because... frankly, Germans have this
culture that promotes over-tweaking the design of everything, to
the point that the complexity of the solution is bigger than the
problem it was supposed to solve.

Case in point... a friend of mine, a couple summers ago, had a modern
VW Beetle... overheat problem... needed a new thermostat. On any
NON-German car, this would have been a 30- to 60-minute job (friend
was enroute from Alabama to Michigan when this occurred, and wasn't
carrying a box of tools). But on a GERMAN car, could it be this simple?
NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 5 FUCKING HOURS to change a coolant
thermostat. $600 dollars for what should have been a $50 job.

Germany lost WW2 for this same reason.
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