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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
relatively simply (worst-case scenario -- hand-mounting filesystems on
external filesystems... but which CAN be automated well enough -- to
the point of providing a desktop icon for naive users).

In place of this limited, and admittedly long-in-the-tooth init system,
which has the benefit of simplicity, modularity, etc (the 12 guide-posts
of GOOD programming listed elsewhere in this thread), the systemd
advocates say that we should throw all of that out, and replace it with a
godawful monstrosity which violates every long-recognized principle of
good program design, every principle of robustness, and is long
enough that bugs probably still exist...which necessitates an update
at sometime in which the executable for process 1 MUSST be replaced,
thereby forcing a reboot.

It just all but hosed my video card make up and x11 configuration. Both
my systems which ran nvideo are now just displaying blank screens, and
my workstation says... gdm is broken, call your sysadm.

It should have been even involved with those setting on the upgrade.

Then, I loaded up a thumb drive with a opensuse gnome live image on it.
the systemd crap that automounted it wouldn't unautomount it and stored
the information somewhere so that when I pulled the drive from the usb
port, it not only remained mounted, but it gave a full report on ls -alt

You can't make this shit up. this is TOTALLY broken and beyound
understand. I've been running into crap like this every day since
systemd was put on my system. I just have to get rid of it.

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