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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
Felix Miata wrote:
Dirk Gently wrote on 2014-09-28 22:06 (UTC-0400):

At this point, the ONLY thing keeping me with openSUSE is YaST...

Literally nothing else.

At all.

Aw, come on. Surely you're having fun on this mailing list berating people
able to recognize any positive attribute that to them may be evident in

Not really. The frustrationn from dealing with close-minded fools who think
they know everything is exceeded only by being bombarded with indirect fire
while having only direct fire (i.e. line of sight) weapons to return fire with.

systemd. Everybody here knows you're not going to accomplish anything useful
by it, so fun has to be why you continue.

At this point, it's merely making a written record of having pointed out
to them just exactly to what extent, and in what ways they are complete
and utter retards, so that, if potential employers do google searches, the
record will be plain that they are defending this pile of shit systemd fiasco.

Oh, and inertia has to be a third reason. You'd have to put forth more effort
than keeping a mailing list flooded with foul language to replace openSUSE
with something else.

I rarely use such language. It is reserved exclusively for those who really
earn it.

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