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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
David C. Rankin wrote:
On 09/23/2014 11:02 PM, Ruben Safir wrote:
Is there any way of ditching systemd and putting sysv back into
the system scripts


Technically - yes, in the real-world - no. Regardless of the learning-curve,
you just have to bite the bullet and
make friends with systemd. Did I want to do it - NO. Did it suck a bit - Yes.
After paying the price am I satisfied that
systemd is the right way to go - Yes. With behind it, it is the
way of the future, like it or not. So,
here it's a "can't beat em', so join em' deal".

What made it less painful were several aliases that cut down on the damn
repetitive typing of 'systemctl long novel
of opts' or 'journalctl same long stuff', so I cheated:

I have the following saved as '~/cnf/':

## systemd aliases

## list systemd services & enabled services
alias lsd='ls -1 /usr/lib/systemd/system/'
alias lsde='ls -1 l1 /etc/systemd/system/'

if test "$UID" -eq 0 ; then
alias sc='systemctl' # cut down typing
alias scn='systemctl --no-pager'
alias scdr='systemctl daemon-reload'
alias jc='journalctl'
alias jcn='journalctl --no-pager'
alias jcnl='journalctl --no-pager --full'
alias jcnlf='journalctl --no-pager --full -f'
alias sc='sudo systemctl' # cut down typing
alias scn='sudo systemctl --no-pager'
alias scdr='sudo systemctl daemon-reload'
alias jc='sudo journalctl'
alias jcn='sudo journalctl --no-pager'
alias jcnl='sudo journalctl --no-pager --full'
alias jcnlf='sudo journalctl --no-pager --full -f'

I just source it in my ~/.bashrc as follows

[ -r "/home/david/cnf/" ] && \
. /home/david/cnf/

Cutting down the typing really helped focus the learning on systemd rather
the frustration of typing the lengthy
commands over and over.

lengthy commands.... just to do basic stuff... should have been an indicator
right off
to these guys that their vision of how this should be ordered up lacking.

If I have, say, 18 different functions, all of which start with typing
"systemctl" command,
then perhaps the systemctl program should be broken up into 18 functional units.

My biggest problems with Sievert and Poettering is that they seem to not
really understand ANY of the concepts which made Unix so successful in the
first place.... such as ... 18-faced programs, rather than 18 different
programs, each of which does their own little thing extremely well, and
which modifying one doesn't impact any of the others.
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