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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
On 09/25/2014 04:05 PM, michael norman wrote:

Among quite a few other from about that time.
Yes, it was a time of ranting mad-men who held great political power,
the world over.

OT but the technique still works.

Sad but true. Despite better informed and more sceptical media, despite
the Internet and and despite debunkers, there are still, at all levels
of society, throughout the world, those espousing nonsense and those who
would rather believe than than approach things rationally.

I recall in the 1960/70s there was Eric von Daniken and the cloud of
belief in "Ancient Spacemen" to explain away the pyramids and other
great historic works. How insulting this was to our ancestors. But
while it's easy to speculate, disproving such takes work, and that work
*has* been done. Palaeolithic re-enactors have raised menhirs and
archaeology have uncovered the living quarters and quartermasters
records of the workers who built the pyramids. It takes no budget to
write unfounded fiction, but a lot of time, effort and hence budget to
do serious, documented, methodical archaeological work.

But just as with systemd, there are those who refuse to face evidence
and deny those who have put the time and effort into design, coding
testing, re-design, metricating AND DOCUMENTING each stage of that.
That such nay-sayers and denigraters have nothing else of comparative
details and quality to offer and also espouse violence puts them in much
the same class as the practitioners of the Big Lie approach to
management of the political leaders and their hence-men that I, and
michael, were referring to.

For ages, a deadly conflict has been waged between a few brave men and
women of thought and genius upon the one side, and the great ignorant
religious mass on the other. This is the war between Science and Faith.
The few have appealed to reason, to honor, to law, to freedom, to the
known, and to happiness here in this world. The many have appealed to
prejudice, to fear, to miracle, to slavery, to the unknown, and to
misery hereafter. The few have said "Think" The many have said "Believe!"
--Robert Ingersoll (Gods)

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