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Re: [opensuse] Something changed some KDE items which were previously displayed
On 09/18/2014 02:42 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 18/09/14 03:01, Billie Walsh wrote:
On 09/17/2014 11:03 AM, Doug wrote:
On 09/17/2014 11:01 AM, Billie Walsh wrote:
On 09/17/2014 09:06 AM, Harrie Baken wrote:
Hallo Billie, op 17-09-14 om 14:41 schreef je:

You can right click on it and change the file extension to whatever
you like but it doesn't change the format. If you want to change
formats use an image editor like Gimp.

I don't agree. I can right click on a jpg, png, tif or gif and choose:
'Actions' -> Covert to -> JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF.


I have never seen that option in Dolphin. I just looked and it's not
there in mine. Dolphin 4.13.3

I have Dolphin -base apps 4.13.3 in PCLOS. I have the conversion routine. You have to run it on a picture-type file. You can't convert
something that's not a picture into something that is. Right click
on a file with a "graphic" extension, and in the drop-down, select
"Actions" and then you'll see the convert menu.


Not in mine. Clicked on a "png" file. Clicked "Activities". Got "Link To" then "New Activity", "Desktop" and "New Activities" as choices.

Perhaps this could help in 'solving' whatever argument which may be going on here......

In Dolphin you have the option to open a - ANY - file with an "opener" of your choice.

For example, if you have an audio file you have the choice of listening to it via any of the players you may have installed.

And to make your choice, in Dolphin, you right-click on the file name, select PROPERTIES, then select FILE TYPE OPTIONS where you can choose (by MOVING up or down) the application with which you want to listen to that audio file.

Same goes for any other file. So, for a graphics file you make your choice (and you takes your chances :-) ).

From now on, any file will be 'OPENED' with whatever application you have selected as the 'primary' app.

Whether this also applies to how or what CONVERTS a graphic file to a new format I don't know.


As has been brought out in other messages in this thread it appears that there is some other software that has to be installed to have the convert option "plugin" for Dolphin. If that is the case it is not Dolphin that actually does the conversion but the other software. I don't have whatever software package is required so I don't have the option. That's not really a problem for me as I don't convert between formats often and do all my graphics work in Gimp, which does a good job of "converting" when I need to do so. I do have an issue with the latest version of Gimp but that is a problem for another time and thread.

In some cases I prefer not to have a default program. Video for instance. Some video programs do something better than others. Take Dragon for instance. It will choke and puke on some videos while VLC will play it quite nicely [ of course VLC will play just about anything well, it's the "swiss army knife" of video ]. I prefer to have "Open With" and a choice of what program to use for any given instance.

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