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Re: [opensuse] Problem Installing Older Distro
Bob Rea wrote on 2014-09-12 16:29 (GMT-0400):

Felix Miata wrote:

What is "it"? The installer? And for what, the ttys, or X/KDE, or both?

both are quite large, KDE is the one where parts go off the screen

!!.3, which I just need to get 13.1, which I am able to do and am doing

What do you mean "no other"? None other than what?


That supports brokenness of the P990's EDID.

On a vtty, what does fbset report?

Is only a portion of the screen being used, or is what should be on
screen cut off offscreen? If offscreen/cut off, the mode used has scan
settings out of range for the presets and existing customs and needs to be
adjusted using the P990's control buttons.

Those don't work


KDE offers only that resolution at 73 hz, and does not offer any choice of

That 73 would be another manifestation of broken EDID.

Even if your Radeon HD8330 chip is too new for 11.3's Radeon driver, you
should still be able to get totally functional 1024x768 using Xorg's vesa
driver on that P990. --

How do I get to the vesa driver?

It's probably already in use, but improperly configured for X due to broken

Before anything else, try rebooting with nomodeset on Grub's kernel cmdline.
If that doesn't help, save the following as /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart X,
or reboot:

I made it on 11.3 from the existing xorg.conf, tested it with i845G gfxchip,
then tested on a different 11.3 host with rv200 Radeon gfxchip. On both it
produced competent 1024x768. With both I used a Trinitron that's probably 2-3
years newer than your P990 Trinitron. I'd be surprised if it won't work for you.
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