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[opensuse] Re: progs failing due to using defaults
Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-03-31 02:52, Linda Walsh wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

Cuz I haven't had the virtualization stuff work reliably recently.

The only thing that worked at all was back in 12.3 and that tainted my
kernel... I *want* to get that working again... but things keep breaking
faster than I can repair them....the switch to systemd didn't help at all
among other things. ....

You can not fight all wars :-)

I mean, you have to choose what you tinker with. Systemd is here to
stay, like it or not, so better try to like it. Makes life easier. Only
change the minimum on the system, leave everything you can to defaults.
Well 13.1 broke things on several levels. I have provided fixes for many breakages, that have been dropped on the floor with bugs coming out
from factory 2 years later
( This is still a problem:

Thought it was reported as I have a patch file...
making sure it is reported here:
Along with others where I've submitted patches, attached to bug reports
only to have them tossed. It's hard to make progress when you have active
saboteurs working in factory who deliberately create things to break instead
of being resilient.

The defaults don't work for me. The defaults break standards as well.
I take the defaults when I can, but new defaults are going in to mitigate
damage from going against defaults earlier.

Example 'protected_hardlinks' was put in to get around the bad standard of keeping /root on it's own partition. hardlinking to /etc/passwd in a user
dir, tmp or var/tmp was impossible, but they wanted the 1 partition fits
all solution, so the implement breaking hardlinks. Now you can't even
make a linked copy of a kernel tree without being root or turning off "the
suse defaults".

It used to be you could link to any file you could 'read'. Now you need to have write permission -- but that only works for regular files.

Symlinks -- you have to be the same UID as on the symlink to link to it -- group ownership/write ability has been disabled (kernel feature propagated by

That really is a poorly thought out solution -- but it started because they
told people to put everything on 1 partition. That was the bad advice in
the first place.

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