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Re: [opensuse] Backup .. restore ... access/ownership
On 03/28/2014 10:28 PM, Carl Hartung wrote:
On Fri, 28 Mar 2014 21:28:00 -0400
Anton Aylward wrote:

OUCH! For some reason everything seemed to be r--r--r-- root.root

I'd burnt the DVDs with K3B. Is this some side effect of putting a
reiserFS on a DVD using K3B in data mode? Or what?

Hi Anton,

You've asked for thoughts, so... I think there are two separate
'gotchas' here.

First, I don't think the original filesystem type is at play. I think
the backup media being ROM is what caused the files to be marked
read-only as they were written.

I'm compelled by the evidence to agree with you on this point.

Second, I think if you'd mounted the DVDs so they were owned by you
(e.g. anton.users) instead of by root (root.root) your files would have
inherited that ownership as they were being read.

When I tried doing "mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/dvd" I got the message
"Only root can do that".

Resistance is futile!

Third, I think if I were backing up to DVD, I'd first compress the
source directories into a tarball to preserve the original attributes.

Ah. OK. I'll need to expand my /tmp so I can tar up a 4G partition to put it on a 5G DVD then. I've managed to arrange much of my stuff under /home in 5G partitions :-) I try to make sure they don't fill up :-) So far I'm not at "Music_A-N" & "Music_M-Z" but one never knows ...

I could be wrong, but these are my initial thoughts... hth & YMMV etc.



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