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Re: [opensuse] Prevent system from grabbing USB bluetooth dongles?
On 03/25/2014 02:00 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
What manager are you using for your virtual box and what version of

Opensuse 12.3. Manager? The GUI you mean? Usually I don't. I use vboxmanage.

Anyways the problem is solved - just blacklisted bluetooth and btusb in

The original problem persists... I'm moving the services on my home
server into virtual machines, for easier maintenance, backup and also
more flexibility.

One major problem I have since 11.4 was that the USB was flaky. The
whole subsystem tended to freeze and especially with my asterisk, I had
major problems. chan_mobile (bluetooth connection to cellphone) would
work for 1, maybe 2 days and then I would get tons of hci timeouts. I
read a lot about that and that seemed to be fixed in 3.9 or so, so I
installed Ubuntu server in a VM and moved my asterisk over.
Unfortunately, the problems persist. So, next step is hardware update of
the server (anyways planned for months) and then reinstalling it with
some more modern distro. I might try tumbleweed as host OS - let's see.


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