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Re: [opensuse] Remote control
On Mar 24 2014 11:29, James Knott wrote:

Paul Neuwirth wrote:
On Mar 24 2014 10:57, James Knott wrote:

Paul Neuwirth wrote:
using opensuse12.3, xdm, xdmcp, icewm
works well with Windows' Xming over ethernet.
But too slow via Internet/VPN.

Xming was the one I was thinking of. I used it at work a couple of
years ago with openSUSE 11.4.

How is it possible to get XDMCP to work with 13.1? I have a couple of
systems running it here and they can't even see each other in the list
when trying to run a remote session. I have been using XDMCP for years,
but not since I switched to 12.x and now 13.1.

could not live without it.. many thin clients running on this server..


I'm using later versions with 13.1
from the update repo

this is my config on 12.3
-tell me if i forgot something essential-

I'm using KDM
didn't manage to get xdmcp work with kdm or gdm in 12.x, but no problem with xdm
It's set to no. The configuration says it should only be used when
necessary and on trusted networks. I have never had to change this.
it is blocked on untrusted networks using iptables.
without this enabled no xdmcp connections can be opened.
this is the only port X listens on:
netstat -tulpe | grep /X
tcp 0 0 *:6000 *:* LISTEN root 80449 13576/X
tcp 0 0 *:6000 *:* LISTEN root 80448 13576/X

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