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Re: [opensuse] Re: Moving / and /boot partitions
Patrick Shanahan wrote:
I have already reinstalled 13.1 and am now trying to get dovecot going
Pardon me, but you are being quite rude. Questions posed by you are/have
been answered and you have driven on w/o the courtesy of an answer or
explanation of what might have been wrong and what provided the solution.
No one else will benefit from this conversation if you provide no

I followed the instructions provided earlier and as I mentioned, that
totally killed my system, so that I couldn't boot the computer at all.
Since this is my main computer, which I rely on for many things,
including IMAP server, I had to get it going again as quickly as
possible. So, i decided to bite the bullet and reinstall from scratch.
It is now running again, including dovecot. As to why I couldn't do
what I intended, I don't know what the cause with. All I know is some
suggestions didn't do much, but one killed my computer.

Since people often move systems to other drives and since this has now
become a complex process, perhaps someone should document the proper way
to move a system. As I mentioned earlier, searching with Google
provided bits & pieces, but no solution.

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