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Re: [opensuse] Moving / and /boot partitions
On 2014-03-23 10:46 (GMT-0400) James Knott composed:

Maybe you should tell us exactly what steps you took rather than

When I used the word "exactly" I was not simply asking for some more information. Exactly would entail a lot more what I've seen since.

summarizing. You might be on the edge of success, missing just one
little thing.

I also use volume labels, rather than device ID.

The first thing I did was create mount points for the new partitions,
... I also used fdisk to verify the new drive is bootable.

How exactly can fdisk tell you that? It can tell you whether and where boot flag(s) are set, but not whether the MBR contains code required for boot to initialize.

...I have the BIOS
configured to give the new drive priority for booting. When I
disconnect the PATA drives, I cannot even boot through the DVD.

That sounds like the SATA has no code in its MBR, and the motherboard's BIOS code isn't designed and/or configured to try OM when HD fails. I haven't seen anything in your thread responses to indicate doing anything designed specifically to ensure the SATA MBR has the code it needs. That can be done quickly and simply via an ancient DOS floppy boot (fdisk /mbr) among other ways.

Why is something that used to be so simple now so difficult? Back in
the DOS/Windows & OS/2 days, it was simply a matter of copying the
partition and setting the boot flag.

You've made a (passive) choice to use Grub2 now (by not choosing a non-default bootloader). Grub2 is an operating system unto itself, magnitudes more complicated that BIOS compatible boot code that boots DOS, WinDOS and OS/2 (and Grub & Gru2 if compatibly installed; anything installed to a primary partition on HD0 and having a boot flag set to its partition alone), and far more complicated than Grub Legacy. 13.1 does still offer you the option to choose a bootloader simpler than Grub2.
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