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Re: [opensuse] Moving / and /boot partitions
Le 23/03/2014 15:34, James Knott a écrit :

When I hit e, I see what appears to be the contents of some config file
listing boot parameters. I don't see any easy way to change where the
system boots.

Is this properly documented anywhere? By searching with Google, I find
bits and pieces, but no coherent picture.

curiously, I also have problems finding a conprehensive tutorial on this

gives some honts, but not very clearly.

some hints:

typing "e" at the grub menu give you the ability to change the kernel boot options, for example add "nomodeset" when necessary or changing the root partition. This is good for very small changes

bu then typing "c" gives you a grub command line:

grub >

there you can navigate the disk, found config files or kernels. TAB key compeltion works what is extremely usefull.

for example

grub > kernel ( <TAB> shows the hole list of disks available and complete all what is possible letting you choose the rest.

say you get after TAB:

grub > kernel (hd0,

a new TAB will show you all the HD0 partitions

grub > kernel (hd0,2)/boot <TAB>

will show you the content of the /boot folder if hd0,2 is the root partition.

like this you have to load kernel, initrd and give root partition then boot

once understood it's quite straightforward, much easier than it seems at first glance. grub2 changed some commands, so I know a bit less this one


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