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Re: [opensuse] NNTP forum access
On 2014-03-23 15:33, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2014-03-23 15:15 (GMT+0100) Carlos E. R. composed:

The forums here do have an nntp gateway, so I actually participate in
the openSUSE forums using nntp, and this is wonderful.

(with leafnode in the mix)

Care to explain for the benefit of those not entirely familiar with the
concepts of nntp gateway or leafnode how to access them WRT the
particulars of openSUSE? I'd much rather use NNTP than browser to access
any forum, all of which are annoying to use at best, built by and for
those with perfect vision and high tolerance for popups and inexplicable
behavior. The only time I ever find myself on an openSUSE Forum page is
as a result of a click on a Google search result.

It does not work with any forum, only with the openSUSE hosted forums.
There is a gateway that converts forum posts to nntp, and copies them to
an nntp server. Conversely, the same gateway converts the posts that
enter via the nntp server, inserting them in the forum database, that
uses vbulletin, IIRC.

How to access this nntp server is explained in the openSUSE forum FAQ:


This gateway is not perfect, there are known problems. The maintenance
is limited, so if a developer wants to improve it would be very nice. He
would get virtual beer from those of us using that gateway ;-)

I feel the same as you, I do not like using forum software. It is
awkward, slow... but many people love it. Most newcomers to openSUSE use
the forums, not the mail lists. And this nntp gateway does all the
difference, it allows people like me to participate efficiently :-)

(some opensuse language forums are not hosted by opensuse, but
elsewhere, and do not have an nntp gateway. So, I do not participate in
teh Spanish forum).

As for using leafnode... well, that is... ok, the package info describes it:

Description :
Leafnode is a small NNTP server for leaf sites without permanent
connections to the Internet. It supports a subset of NNTP and is able
to automatically fetch the newsgroups the user reads regularly from the
ISP's news server.

You do not need to use it at all, any nntp client does the work fine.
The advantage, for me, is that leafnode downloads nntp posts (triggered
by a cron job) to a local storage. Then I point Thunderbird to my local
nntp server, instead of the internet one. When I click on a message to
read it displays instantly: when I use the opensuse nntp server on
internet, I have to wait a second or two, sometimes way more.

And it does a better job of caching posts locally than thunderbird does.

If you want more details, just ask :-)

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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