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Re: [opensuse] HEADS UP! for the adventurous
Le 23/03/2014 03:18, Basil Chupin a écrit :

EFI is switched off so it is the BIOS which controls the boot process. I only
use Grub2.


And the error I get is, "Multiple active partitions" after which the only way
out is to reboot the laptop (or press and hold the ON button).

I fear it's not the real problem, because AFAIR I already have had systems with several active partitions withj no problem.

the active partition(*) are the one that are said to hold the boot system in windows. When grub is installed on an other place than MBR, the system have no way to know where if not set active.

in "fdisk -l", for example, the active partitions are the ones with an "*". Easy to change in any fdisk (it's a toggle)

to log into a faulty root system is a bit tricky, but I learned to do it some years ago and had to use it (to change root passwd) yesterday for the most recent time :-)

boot rescue, it may not work is it's not the rescue disk of the installed system

mount your root prefered partition on /mnt (for example), verify it's the good one (ls /mnt), then mount --bind the system folders (two dashes "--"):

cd /mnt #important!
mount --bind /proc proc
mount --bind /dev dev
mount --bind /sys sys

using the keyboard history it's very fast


chroot . # don't forget the final dot. This mean I want to use the system located in ".", the present working directory.

After that you are root in your installed (faulty) system. you can change any password with "passwd", launch YaST...

Don't forget it's usually not possible to set as grub position a logical partition. If you don't have any windows, you can use the MBR


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