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[opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US
David Haller wrote:
(well, my seamonkey config has also aged a lot, but IIRC I had to
adjust more often. And then there were extensions, that work perfectly
but don't allow it in their install.rdf (esp. fun when FF switched
versioning schemes). And some don't. *gah*
You talk of bash scripting... yet I wrote a bash script
that went through all of the extensions and updated their compat
version list that solved that.

Though the versioning on steroids was a but much...


[1] I maintain a current (patched) version 2.2.0 available in my
And I still use a 2.x version of Tbird and a 3.6.28 version
of FF (which I'm getting sorely tempted to upgrade, as more sites
become incompat, but many take a minor adjustment .... I can also run
the latest, but...

Speaking of sudoers: I (as a user) can't do squat via sudo, not
even if I give the correct password (root's, targetpw is a MUST!)
$ sudo ls /root/
root's password:
Sorry, user dh is not allowed to execute '/bin/ls /root/' as root
on grusum.
Oh come on... reconfiguring that's a piece of case as well.
And the crap they do to logrotate so normal users can't use it anymore...

I can supply a diff for that...gets rid of RH's pesky additions...

On the other paw, that, where I do want me to be allowed to
execute via sudo (usually aliased: 'alias foo="sudo foo"'), I have
the appropriate entries in sudoers with NOPASSWD.
I fine 1 for my local and one for my domain to be sufficient:


(and yes, my system accepts spaces and backslashes in user & groupnames
just like linux does...). I don't usually run as the 2nd, but due to
odd config changes now and then I find myself id'd as that since the
system is my domain controller @home and provides login security via
winbind to both my linux and windows systems.

Not all of the problem w/sudo is in sudoer's BTW -- changes to wipe your
environment when you su have been introduced in various places --
works so well when you are logged in via remote X11 to have your
DISPLAY value wiped...

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