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Re: [opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US

On Sun, 23 Mar 2014, Carlos E. R. wrote:
As for my preferences, I would use nntp instead, not email, nor

What's the difference as you're using Thunderbird/Seamonkey for mail?
What do you use for NNTP?

Anyhow: use a better MUA ;) Like mutt (see non-random sig).

FTR: I configured sendmail + mutt once in 2001. Since then, I've been
adding little tweaks to my mutt config here and then and there (oh, on
2 "major updates" I think, I had to update a couple of variables[2].
Same with tin[1], for even a longer time. So *bah* :)
Oh, and by now, mutt runs with postfix as SMTPD instead of sendmail.
Configuration changes required on the mutt side: 0.

Prolly won't get any more comfortable for a lazy guy like me :)

(well, my seamonkey config has also aged a lot, but IIRC I had to
adjust more often. And then there were extensions, that work perfectly
but don't allow it in their install.rdf (esp. fun when FF switched
versioning schemes). And some don't. *gah*


[1] I maintain a current (patched) version 2.2.0 available in my
osc-~, if you osc-link to it, it'll automatically build without my
patches. Oh, and using stunnel for ssl-encrypted comms with a
user+pw paid usenetserver as I do is a piece of cake as well (ok,
it requires a few lines of bash-scripting and a line in
/etc/sudoers (plus the one for being allowed to call fetchnews ;))

Speaking of sudoers: I (as a user) can't do squat via sudo, not
even if I give the correct password (root's, targetpw is a MUST!)
$ sudo ls /root/
root's password:
Sorry, user dh is not allowed to execute '/bin/ls /root/' as root
on grusum.

On the other paw, that, where I do want me to be allowed to
execute via sudo (usually aliased: 'alias foo="sudo foo"'), I have
the appropriate entries in sudoers with NOPASSWD.

[2] prominently documented and the error message was very clear

"All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less."
-- Michael Elkins, circa 1995, about 'mutt'
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