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Re: [opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US

On Sat, 22 Mar 2014, Linda Walsh wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
It is a multipart message. Only one part was displayed here, but I guess
that the next part is html, and thus, duly rejected by the mail server.

Carlos -- the cut and paste in the email likely was the cause of
the multi-part message being created.

Nope. The C&P just showed us the start of the first (text/plain) part.

Why don't we move this list to googlegroups?

*An uncastrated bullok's gastrointestinal efflux!*

Are you completely and utterly bonkers?

Their software handles this w/o rejecting the message. -- if the list
is set for text only, It will even filter HTML into text. -- not just
drop non-text mime alternative part -- which could have been done

The SuSE-ML-SW could do this easily too AFAIK. But it was by a concious
choice by the list-owner (and many of the denizens of this and other
lists) configured otherwise.

Note: even though it's claimed that attachments may be removed, some
(even largish pictures!) make it through, which I consider a bug.

The point is though: if you cannot write it inline in text/plain, then
don't. Put it e.g. on and put the link inside your

Not everybody subscribed to this ML is interested in your dribblings,
but when mailing to this ML, everybody subscribed gets it. If you just
link them, then those insterested (and only those) can go check.

I.e. if the list SW gets a message with a text & html alternative, the
list sw should be smart enough to pick the format it allows and drop the

That (i.e. silently discarding html-parts when they accompany
text/plain parts) might be configured. Have you asked
<opensuse+owner@xxxxxxxxxxxx> about that yet? No? Then shut it 'til

If it can't handle that... googlegroups does...and gg has the benefit of
allowing people to read and post via their browser

GG is a horrid perversion and gets even worse with each change.

FWIW, why doesn't suse allow html formatting

Why in the world should it?

and attachments -- you'd

see above.

If you want formatting, bling, and whatnot, why are you here? Why are
you not using the forums that offer all that and more?


And BTW: just because something is old does NOT mean it's bad!
Something being new does NOT mean it's better! C.f. e.g. KDE 3.5.10
vs. KDE 4.1.x or whatever was the first KDE4 version even shipped with

-dnh, score adjusted

What are you doing?!? The message is over,GO AWAY!
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