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Re: [opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US
+1 for googlegroups and +1000 for html mails, not that I use html
mails but eg. the email client on android has NO way to disable html
mail and one can not send to this list easily from the phone....

2014-03-23 1:56 GMT+02:00 Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx>:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

On 2014-03-22 11:06, ianseeks wrote:

I think you need to add this to the list of reasons of rejection
Cutting from an existing valid email and pasting into a new email.


No, that's not the reason it was rejected, I guess. Look:

X-MIME-Notice: attachments may have been removed from this message


It is a multipart message. Only one part was displayed here, but I guess
that the next part is html, and thus, duly rejected by the mail server.


Carlos -- the cut and paste in the email likely was the cause of
the multi-part message being created. I.e. If he cut & pasted from
an html formatted message, the software might have tried to keep the
original formatting along with sending a text copy. At least Tbird
will use text for simple stuff, but if you cut/paste html, it will see
the html and depending on config -- will try to send it both ways.

Why don't we move this list to googlegroups?

Their software handles this w/o rejecting the message. -- if the list is set
for text only, It will even filter HTML into text. -- not just drop
non-text mime alternative part -- which could have been done here.

I.e. if the list SW gets a message with a text & html alternative, the
list sw should be smart enough to pick the format it allows and drop the

If it can't handle that... googlegroups does...and gg has the benefit of
allowing people to read and post via their browser while reading the group
as well as handling incoming SMTP emails and either allowing mime &
attachments or not as per list policy...

The only thing I think they haven't automated is automatically rewriting
emails that use top posting (as some would like) -- not that I have an issue
with it, but some people are so rigid about these issues.... getting
multiple copies, or whatever, hopefully a fly doesn't land on their nose
while they are posting, they might punch themselves.

FWIW, why doesn't suse allow html formatting and attachments -- you'd think
they were stuck in the 80's. here we are over 20 years past the
introduction and usage of html-email, and we're still stuck with a pre-1990
(25 y/o)
text interface... Really makes you want to go out and load suse on
your color graphics iphone or android touch device...

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