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[opensuse] yast2-iscsi-server and tgt
using opensuse 12.3

I recently set up iscsi-targets on the machine using yast.
yast installed the package iscsitarget and i set up everything.
at the next "zypper up" iscsitarget got replaced by the package tgt. iscsi also worked well afterwards.
but if i know call "yast iscsi-server" it wants me to install iscsitarget again: "Cannot continue without installing iscsitarget package."
Is this a bug, or do I have to stay at iscsitarget to use this nice tool?


zypper if iscsitarget tgt yast2-iscsi-server
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package iscsitarget:
Repository: opensuse123updates
Name: iscsitarget
Arch: x86_64
Vendor: openSUSE
Installed: No
Status: not installed
Installed Size: 138.6 KiB
Summary: Open Source iSCSI Target with Professional Features
The aim of the project is to develop an open source iSCSI target with
professional features that works well in enterprise environment under
real workload and is scalable and versatile enough to meet the
challenge of future storage needs and developments.

Information for package tgt:
Repository: opensuse123oss
Name: tgt
Version: 1.0.28-6.1.1
Arch: x86_64
Vendor: openSUSE
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date
Installed Size: 502.4 KiB
Summary: Generic Linux target framework (tgt)
Linux target framework (tgt) aims to simplify various SCSI target
driver (iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SRP, etc) creation and maintenance.
Tgt consists of kernel modules, user-space daemon, and user-space
tools. Some target drivers uses all of them and some use only
user-space daemon and tools (i.e. they completely runs in user space).

Information for package yast2-iscsi-server:
Repository: opensuse123oss
Name: yast2-iscsi-server
Version: 2.22.0-4.1.2
Arch: noarch
Vendor: openSUSE
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date
Installed Size: 176.7 KiB
Summary: YaST2 - Configuration of iSCSI target
Configuration of iSCSI target
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