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Re: [opensuse] displaying systemd startup order?
В Wed, 19 Mar 2014 11:50:57 +0100
Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> пишет:

Related to my question "How do I make systemd wait for iscsi to start
before attempting to mount iscsi-based filesystems?", I've been looking
at the systemd startup order. What exactly does "systemctl --order"
show - the status quo or what will happen on the next start-up?

I'm asking because I've added



After a "systemctl --daemon-reload", the start-up sequence did not
change as expected.

Requires is orthogonal to startup order. foo.service Requires
bar.service means systemd will attempt to start bar.service when
requested to start foo.service. It does *not* mean foo.service will be
started after bar.service.

Use After/Before to influence relative startup order. Requires is
almost always wrong (it is too strong dependency).

On 13.1 you can use "systemctl list-dependencies --after|--before foo"
to see, after/before which units foo will be started. This also works
recursively. E.g.

│ ├─systemd-ask-password-plymouth.path
│ ├─NetworkManager-wait-online.service
│ ├─NetworkManager.service
│ └─wpa_supplicant.service
│ └─
│ ├─NetworkManager-wait-online.service

Not sure if this was already present in 12.3

I could be way wrong, but I'm not sure systemd
considers iscsi filesystems to be remote? According
to "systemctl --order" it will attempt to mount them before iscsi is
started :-o

Well, how should systemd know it is iSCSI in the first place?
When /etc/fstab is processed, nothing is yet started and device does
not exist so it is not even possible to probe it.

That's why you were advised to use _netdev to inform systemd about it.
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