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Re: [opensuse] autofs functionality vs. systemd auto-mount?
On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 07:30 -0400, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 19/03/14 06:08 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
lynn wrote:

On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 10:05 +0100, Per Jessen wrote:
Just a quick question - has systemd taken over autofs, such that we
should plan to move our autofs setups systemd too, in particular new
ones? If yes, does systemd have any known shortcomings in this
respect, i.e. does is fully supplant autofs?

Automounting cifs from AD we've found to be transparent. e.g.
systemctl restart autofs does the same as it always did. The rcautofs
stuff still works too.

I was more thinking of whether things like "etc/auto.master" has been
moved into systemd (in some fashion).

That I haven't seen.
I do use the systemd NFS automount mechanism (entries in /etc/nfstab)
and it works just fine, but the "maps" offered things like wild-cards
and were based on mount points.

I haven't tried the ".mount" mechanism described in systemd.mount(5).
It offers some interesting predictions about the future of /etc/fstab.
See also systemd-fstab-generator(8).

I don't imagine there is a plan for a generator[1] for autofs style
maps? That would be the way to go.

[1] generator specification

It still wouldn't get around having to change the generator on each
client if you want a change in a map. Unless you have only a few
machines you I think the only way is to have to have the maps in LDAP.

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