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Re: [opensuse] How do I make systemd wait for iscsi to start before attempting to mount iscsi-based filesystems?
Rob Verduijn wrote:
try adding the following options to the fstab entry of the filesystem


What this does can be found on this page and this


Hi Rob

thanks for that.

Some of the info seems out of date:


A unit configuration file whose name ends in ".automount" encodes information
about a file system automount point controlled and supervised by systemd.

Automount units must be named after the automount directories they control.
Example: the automount point /home/lennart must be configured in a unit file

I have no such .automount files at all. Ah, further down I see that they are auto-configured via /etc/fstab, okay.

A couple things I don't understand:

Despite "x-systemd.automount" not being set in my /etc/fstab anywhere, I still get some systemd .mount config units, so I guess someone does that behind the scene.

With "noauto", apparently these drives are not auto-mounted - so who/what will mount them?

Despite these disks being iSCSI, systemd has created links in "" which doesn't seem correct?

thanks for your insights,

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