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Re: [opensuse] spelling and grammar check in LO 4.1
On 03/17/2014 07:41 PM, Istvan Gabor wrote:
"David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> írta:
On 03/17/2014 02:28 PM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

I have openSUSE 12.2 and LO from openSUSE LO repo.

I can't find out how to use "spelling and grammar" check.

I would like to check the spelling of an English text.
If I select Tools=>Spelling and Grammar (or press F7) a window titled
"Spelling and Grammar: English (USA)" opens. But:

1. It misses misspelled words (eg "speling").
2. It stops at words/phrases but the "ignore once" button does not work.
3. In the window the "text language" field is empty.

Apart from this when I click Tools=>Language,
=> for selection=> English (USA) is selected
=> for paragraph=> nothing is selected, even If I select English, it is not
=> for all text=>nothing is selected, even If I select English, it is not

Could someone please help with this?




IIRC, you have to install a dictionary file for spelling and grammar to


I haven't done it in a year or two, recall having to tell it what dictionary
to use.

Thanks, David. I will check that link.

Apart from this,

rpm -q -i libreoffice-languagetool-en
Name : libreoffice-languagetool-en
Version : 2.0
Release : 1.17
Architecture: noarch
Install Date: Mon 17 Mar 2014 08:04:29 PM CET
Group : Productivity/Office/Dictionary
Size : 1979838
License : BSD-3-Clause and BSD-4-Clause and GPL-2.0 and LGPL-2.1 and
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Thu 06 Mar 2014 03:29:54 PM CET, Key ID
Source RPM : libreoffice-languagetool-2.0-1.17.src.rpm
Build Date : Thu 06 Mar 2014 03:27:56 PM CET
Build Host : cloud119
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor : obs://
Summary : English Dictionary for LibreOffice Language Tool
Description :
The English dictionary that can be used to check grammar and other more
complex mistakes using the LibreOffice language tool extension.
Distribution: LibreOffice:Stable / openSUSE_12.2

This clearly states it is the dictionary needed for languagtool.

Do I misunderstand something?



The only other thing I can think of would be the Tools->Options->Lanugage
Settings->Writing Aids dialog. Make sure you have your writing aids selected and
your Options set: (screenshot - from OO)

If you have multiple languages installed, also check:

Tools->Options->Lanugage Settings->Languages

to insure you don't have different languages selected at the same time. You can
have multiple defaults, but (without tearing it apart) I'm sure some of the
Languages options are mutually exclusive.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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