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Re: [opensuse] switch from 32bit opensuse to 64bit

On Wed, 12 Mar 2014, Paul Neuwirth wrote:
I accidently installed 32 bit opensuse on several machines.
Is there an easy way to switch to 64bit? such as adding 86_64 repos
and zypper --dup --allow-architecture-change (unfortunately this
option doesn't exist)?
Any hints?

It's possible. BTDT and fucked up (forgot step one below and ended up
with a broken system (half 32bit, half 64bit conflict of core stuff)).

1. change arch in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf to

arch = x86_64

2a) offical way:
disable all non core (oss/update) Repos

3) change all Repos to the new version (if you doing a dist-change
as well, I did IIRC 11.4 -> 12.1)

4) zypper clean ref dup

5) fix any conflicts and goto 4

6) check bootconfig (grub, grup2, EFI stuff etc.) before rebooting
then reboot into the upgraded system

7a) reenable all "other" repos and pray you remember what packages
(e.g. ffmpeg from packman were replaced by oS version) and
reiterate the 'zypper clean ref dup' procedure.

Hopefully, you'll have a working 64bit system. Best do this on a copy!

Oh, and you should have a matching rescue system at hand. Due to my
error, I had to install zypper with rpm from the rescue system by

I use two same-sized partitions alternating, rsyncing the "real"
system to a working copy, adapt the copy's /etc/fstab and the
"originals" grub.conf to boot the copy, upgrade the copy, when it
works, I adapt the grub-conf of _that_ (installing into it's /-part,
not the MBR), adapt the original's grub to boot that grub in the
copy's /-part, test all the rest, and finally install the copy's grub
it to the MBR and henceforth the copy is the master. Repeat with the
next release, with the role of the partitions reversed.

It might be easier with a centralised grub.

Feel free to ask for details,

[1] i.e. boot the rescue, mount the failed upgrade (/mnt), mount the
DVD-ISO (/ISO) and cd /ISO/suse/x86_64 there and then iterate over

rpm --root=/mnt -ivh zypper*

adding requires (at times from ../noarch/) until all were met.

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