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Re: [opensuse] What IS wrong with multimedia in 13.1?!
On 11/03/14 01:17, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 27/02/14 01:32 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:

The VLC I have installed in 13.1 is from the packman repo (I just checked).

I too am having problems with sound files under 13.1
My voip phone system sends me voice mail messages as .wav files.
I can't play any of them now I have 13.1 running.
VLC says it can't handle some encoding and that there's nothing can be done; xine starts then does nothing - I can't even select the media.
It also doens't go away when I click the "x" at the top right of the window!

Amarok plays for a couple of seconds then dies.
If I start Amarok manually I get only the script console...

I'm trying others but am at a loss as to why these two stalwarts are problematic.

Let me state this:

1) I use VLC in 13.1 to view Television;

2) I use VLC in 13.1 to listen to music (which is rarely now); and

3) I use VLC in 13.1 to view normal 5 & 9 DVDs.

VLC I am using in 13.1 is installed from the packman repo, and *not* directly from VLC.

But I do NOT use VLC to view Bd (Blu-ray discs) because the video (and therefore sound) "stutters": 5 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF. Damn ANNOYING (note, I am using the polite way of expression my displeasure)!

So, to view Bd movies I use DVDFab Viewer 2 in Windows 7 - and I don't give a rat's tail about using W7 for this purpose because Linux badly lets me down in this multimedia department.

I had success when using openSUSE 12.3 for viewing Bd discs but 13.1 is a totally different story.

And I don't have the time to try and work out and report why 13.1 and the VLC for it cannot handle this task.


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Lauren Smith - 30 January 2014

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