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[opensuse] Re: How do I get a remote X11+GLX or any desktop session from any other system?
John Andersen wrote:
On 3/6/2014 11:14 AM, Linda Walsh wrote:

Good thing no one will be working remotely or from the cloud or anything...

Well, "from the cloud" users would use SSH, which does work, and is not
all that much slower as you implied in your first post.
It's also not that clear that a VPN user in the cloud would be
needing to use ssh. It seems that would be grossly inefficient, since
neither protocol would be able to compress the other efficiently, but
the vpn has the benefit of there being strong likely hood of vpn
encryption offloaded in HW -- and in a 10Gb adapter, one might assume
they wouldn't use a slow "crypter" solution.

But the problem appeard that openGL, while having the ability
to be used remotely doesn't seem to work remotely. That seems like
a major faux pas.

The client and the server both have some ability to speak
openGL to a remote, but it seems neither is speaking to each other over
established remote protocols. Indeed, the local SWrast fallback driver
doesn't seem to load at all, being another factor in the problem.

While I asked about a specific use case, thinking that making
it concrete would make it easier to address, the lack of anyone at opensuse
having any windows workstation available to them (which seems odd given
the partnership between MS and openSuse a few years ago, and that each each
selling the other's product). Specifying use of an open source source
and free solution to reproduce the problem, I thought, should also make it

But I would ask how it can be done with any other X system -- even
from a MAC? Interoperability with any other system doesn't seem to be
an option? Seriously??

Given that 90% of the reason for moving to systemd is secure-boot
with windows, it's hard to believe compatibility in any other way wouldn't work.

Additionally, neither XDMCP nor XRDP seem to function (xrdp
used to at least display a greeter but now doesn't even do that).

Doesn't that limit cloud users-usage? How many androids or Windows
mobile devices are running opensuse 13.1? Maybe some laptop users... ?

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