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[opensuse] Multilingual options, for editing and web site creation
I am on a new adventure. In my old age, I have decided to learn some extra languages (at present, French, German, and Arabic- chosen so I can read several references authored in those languages and not apparently translated into English - next year, I may add Greek, because my niece is half Greek, and it would be good to help her master that, and maybe Spanish, for no good reason other than curiousity).

What I want to do, to help master these new languages, is write about topics that interest me, in English, and then translate my own work into one of the languages I am trying to learn. For example, I may take to writing book reviews for the more interesting books I have bought, and put that content on my own website (probably using Wordpress) and take advantage of one of Amazon's that can generate revenue by linking my content to products they are selling, as well as Google's adwords).

The first thing I need is an editor that would facilitate this, ideally by dividing my screen into 4, containing two editors (one for English and one for the language I am studying at the time), and one for an English-'other language' dictionary, and a fourth for a grammar for that language. If this is not an editor I use by pointing Firefox at my web server, I need it to run on Suse 13.1. I am familiar with the notion of a code page, in creating web content, but I could use some guidance on what is needed in order to be able to handle multiple languages, and the peculiarities of their various scripts, on a single machine (with a US style keyboard). As the intent is to eventually post my content on the web (via my own server), the traditional word processor, such as M$ Word, may not be appropriate (the last time I looked, the HTML that M$ Word produced was horrible and very inefficient, although that was a while ago, so maybe such products have improved).

The second thing I need is a way to have multilingual content on the same website, giving a visitor the ability to read both the English and the translation of it 9side by side or inter-lineal), so he or she can check the quality of the translation (and perhaps give me suggestions to help me improve my understanding of the languages I am trying to learn. I have reached out to the Wordpress forum about this, but it is low traffic and there has been no response yet.

I have begun a search using Google, but the signal to noise ratio is poor (if you know of a good, efficient search string, please tell me), and I will continue to search, so suggestions for improving my search would be appreciated.

I would greatly appreciate suggestions as to products to examine, and web resources that may be helpful.


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