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Re: [opensuse] xinetd logs go to the wrong place
El 01/03/14 16:39, Carlos E. R. escribió:

So, you are saying that xinetd fails to obey its own config file,
because systemd people orders that to happen?


And you also say that syslog does not control what goes into its own
log file, if they are systemd entries?

No, the journal forwards all data it receives to a socket that is then consumed by a syslog implementation if any.

The package is leafnode, anyway. And there are many other
packages using xinetd, like "vsftpd", for instance.

Yeah, but we have to change that at some point.

So, everything in Linux will be systemd? No more small applications
doing perfectly their jobs, as the age old practice was?

No, nothing will stop you from using xinetd..but *packages* should only include systemd native units for service management, to centralize it in one place and reduce duplication of functionality and maintenance burden..

This is similar to cronjobs that have to be migrated as some point to use systemd timers..of course no one is going to modify the sysadmin cronjobs or remove cron from the installed system.. just those scripts included in packages.

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