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Re: [opensuse] Photo editing software on Linux - new option?
Ted Byers wrote:
I don't know, off hand, what the exchange rate is between Canada and
the land down under, but if it is close to 1:1, then that A$70/month
is close to 50% too high, relative to what I pay. When I last
upgraded my phone, my provider provided a cell phone that retails for
C$600 to me for $50, and, because my old phone was not one of these
stupid phones (called by my sisters and nieces smart phones), I did
not have a data plan. When they upgraded my plan to include data, the
incremental cost was less than C$0.50/month. I have yet to use even
5% of the limits on my data plan, so, for my usage pattern, it may as
well be unlimited (I know a few teenagers, though, that could easily
rack up in excess of C$1,000/month in minutes combined with data, so
there, too, it depends on how you use it).

My cell plan includes 6 GB of data, unlimited evening and weekend calls,
unlimited texting and a list of up to 10 numbers, anywhere in Canada,
that I can call at absolutely no charge, not even off my weekday
minutes. I also have a VoIP phone installed on it, so I can have free
long distance to much of Canada and if I connect via WiFi, it doesn't
count against my data plan. All this for $57.59 before tax.

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