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Re: [opensuse] Photo editing software on Linux - new option?

On 14-01-31 11:09 AM, James Knott wrote:
Basil Chupin wrote:
I/we have a big guffaw when we see people walking around with a bottle
of water in one hand and a smartphone in the other or attached to
their ear while pushing a pram or walking in the street -- AND paying
~$A70/month for this 'yuppie-type' "privilege"!
Many people no longer have a home phone. Basic cell service costs about
the same as home phone. Of course, data plans will add to that.

Actually, my cell bill is much less than what most people here pay for a home phone, if they have one. I suppose it all depends on where you are and who your provider is (and what your provider's business objectives are).

I don't know, off hand, what the exchange rate is between Canada and the land down under, but if it is close to 1:1, then that A$70/month is close to 50% too high, relative to what I pay. When I last upgraded my phone, my provider provided a cell phone that retails for C$600 to me for $50, and, because my old phone was not one of these stupid phones (called by my sisters and nieces smart phones), I did not have a data plan. When they upgraded my plan to include data, the incremental cost was less than C$0.50/month. I have yet to use even 5% of the limits on my data plan, so, for my usage pattern, it may as well be unlimited (I know a few teenagers, though, that could easily rack up in excess of C$1,000/month in minutes combined with data, so there, too, it depends on how you use it).

Needless to say, I do not have, or want, a home phone; and my internet access is via a dry loop.


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