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Re: [opensuse] New NVIDIA drivers available
On 28/01/14 22:54, Amuraritei Andrei wrote:
On Tuesday 28 January 2014 22:27:24 Basil Chupin wrote:
On 28/01/14 19:23, Rodney Baker wrote:
On Sun, 26 Jan 2014 12:34:01 Markus Ko�mann wrote:
Am Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014, 19:07:31 schrieb Amuraritei Andrei:
Short procedure for installing 331.38 is:

Get the install file.

0. Boot with kernel param 3 or in terminal as root do systemctl stop
1. sh -x to extract.
2. cp nvidia_3.13_kernel.patch to NVIDIA...331.38 folder
3. Apply patch with patch -p 1 -i ./nvidia_3.13_kernel.patch for
4. ./nvidia-installer -a
5. Reboot.
6. Profit.
Just one addition : Don't delete the unpacked nvidia driver sources after
installation. If you install a new kernel version, you can run
./nvidia-installer -aK -k <new kernel version>
to build the nvidia kernel driver module for the new kernel version
booting the new kernel.
No need to boot into textmode first to reinstall the nvidia drivers any
Or, install DKMS, run the Nvidia install script and allow it to register
with DKMS. No more manually building kernel modules after kernel updates.
Works for Nvidia and VirtualBox drivers here. :-)
"Nvidia install script" - do you mean 'sh nvidia........." or the
"./nvidia-installer" thingie?

He means nvidia-installer and to be sure use the --dkms option on it. Also
have dkms installed and enabled( systemctl enable dkms).


Thanks for that.

All worked except for the bit about enabling dkms (systemctl enable dkms): this produced the error message that this command is unrecognised (and to go back and get my act together :-) .) Running './nividia-installer --dkms' worked perfectly.


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Lauren Smith - 30 January 2014

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