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Re: [opensuse] Sound dropouts with Pulseaudio
Bob Williams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi Bob:

I'm not trying to defend or advocate mpd. If you look back at the
original thread that I quoted (it's in the archives) you will see that
several other people have experienced similar problems. I was
reporting my observations in case my findings were pertinent to them.

Strange, I have never encountered this (the "buffer_before_play"
directive is commented out in mpd.conf and sound is outputting directly
to my M-Audio Revolution 7.1) . For example, for a stress test, I am
currently listening to music with mpd, while compiling the git version
of ffmpeg, watching TV on my Hauppauge 2250 with mplayer and writing
this in Emacs with no sound dropping. This is all on a lowly core2 duo
machine. I have never had the sound dropping even on my old P4 Prescott
machine. Do you see anything strange in /var/log/messages?


"Whip me. Beat me. Make me maintain AIX."
(By Stephan Zielinski)
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