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Re: [opensuse] Sound dropouts with Pulseaudio
Bob Williams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I listen to my music through Music Player Daemon (MPD), so the next
thing was to try another player. MPlayer behaved flawlessly, even
through PA, so that pointed the finger at MPD. I monitor my computer
with gkrellm, and I noticed that there was very little disk activity
during playback with MPlayer, whereas MPD reads data from the disk in
262k chunks.

I am a long time user of MPD and have never had any problems. Do you see
any MPD or ALSA errors in /var/log/messages?

Maybe a buffer somewhere is being emptied faster than it fills when
using MPD, compared to MPlayer.

Your can try increasing the buffer_before_play size in /etc/mpd.conf.


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