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Re: [opensuse] Did anything change wrt iscsi in 13.1?

Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Per Jessen wrote:

On my newly upgraded 13.1 system, iscsi doesn't automatically mount
the previously configured drives. Seems like something must have
changed since 12.2 ?

On my 12.3 system, I have open-iscsi-2.0.873-47.14.1.i586 installed.
This is from a 12.3 update. There is another update available, which we
have not yet installed.

On my newly upgraded 13.1 system, I
have "open-iscsi-2.0.873-2.2.1.x86_64" installed, which seems a bit

On 12.3: version 2.0.873, release 47.14.1,
on 13.1: version 2.0.873, release 2.2.1 ??

Or am I reading it wrong?

Per, the release is indeed repo specific and not comparable. When 12.3 was
branched from factory I think it would have been release 1.1.1. Then anytime a
packaging change occurred it would have increased the major number in that
sequence. Those changes would have also hopefully have gone into factory and
the dev project.

Then when 13.1 was branched, the release would once again have been set to
1.1.1 in the 13.1 repo. Hopefully the 13.1 repo would have had all of the 12.3
pack as going updates, even though it had a lower release number.

Fyi: it looks like the 13.1 package got one packaging update after being
branched from factory; that is why it is at release 2.x.x. The 12.3 package
got 46 packaging updates, which is surprisingly high considering the official
repos should be very stable only get tested updates. The x.x numbers track
things like builds that may be triggered by updated library packages, etc.

Packaging updates include patch file and/or specfile edits. In my repo I can
run that way up as I try various changes, but when I submit the package to a
developer package, the release number in that repo is changed to whatever is
appropriate for that repo.

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